“Investment group C.A. & Co.”, LLC, was founded in 1990 under the name “Russian Brokerage House C.A. & Co. Ltd.” for work in the securities markets. Its business activities included trading securities and other financial instruments on leading Russian stock exchanges, in the Russian Trading System, as well as on international trading platforms. That was also when the trademark “C.A.& Co” was created and registered. The company has consistently expanded its competencies and currently has a differential business, implementing projects in the legal, foreign economic, financial, construction and manufacturing spheres.


The investment group together with its foreign partners develops its competences in the energy area, construction of “Rapid Deployment Systems – RDS: prefabricated / mobile hangars, residential, administrative buildings, fortified and protected objects”.


In response to the offer of foreign partners, the Investment Group is expanding its international economic activity, putting on foot export deliveries of civil aviation equipment and / or the equipment manufactured according to uniform specifications.

Our customers are foreign companies, including those that are the subcontractors of the US government for the repair and maintenance of Russian-made helicopters operated abroad. We work with leading Russian companies and manufacturers in the helicopter industry, including the cooperation in protecting the market from non-authentic products.

The office of the company's representative in the Kyrgyz Republic is opened.


The activities of the Investment Group in the area of integrated management of engineering projects, activities in the area of architecture, engineering design, industry and construction abroad are expanding.

As part of the provision of engineering services for Gazprom Transgaz Belarus, OJSC, for the construction of a mixed-up complex in the Republic of Belarus, the office of the company is opened in Minsk.


The foreign customers are provided with legal and advisory services in the area of finding partners among key Russian companies, verifying the reliability of the parties, the profitability of projects, the conclusion of contracts and agreements of cooperation.

The company provides services to foreign customers in the acquisition of products and services in Russia.

The competencies in the area of construction projects are developed.


The Investment group scales up its activities in the legal services market by offering its Russian and foreign customers a full list of legal and consulting services in various areas.


The main activity of the Investment Group is advising Russian and foreign customers on commercial activities, management and protection of financial interests.


As part of its activities in the securities markets, the Investment Group entered the international arena by forming a network of brokerage companies in Boston (USA), London (Great Britain) and Adelaide (Australia) to carry out trading operations and bring a number of Russian securities to foreign stock markets.

A holding was formed from individual companies specializing in brokerage, asset management and debt related activities. The Investment group became the managing organization of the group of companies “C.A. & Co”, providing a range of financial, investment and advisory services.


“Russian Brokerage House C.A.&Co.Ltd.” created the first Underwriting Consortium in Russia, which also included Inkombank OJSC and Conversebank KB, and became its Manager. The scope of the Consortium’s activities included the implementation of bill programs and the introduction of a clearing system.


The foundation of “Russian Brokerage House C.A.&Co. Ltd”, LLC. Work in the securities markets, debt instruments, government securities and other financial instruments. Registration of the trademark “C.A. & Co”.