• Internal fiscal audit and assessment of key performance indicators
  • Economic analysis of business performance achieved by both the separate company and the companies within the Group
  • Development of cost control programs, including at the level of the group of companies. Identification and economic justification of ways to reduce costs within the frames of ensuring business continuity and achieving business efficiency in general
  • Economic analysis of core business areas, key business units, etc.
  • Formation of the system of analysis and coordination of contracts (?) and payments, within the frames of ensuring the continuity of activities
  • Formation of economically sound recommendations to improve the level of operating efficiency
  • Development of payment schedules, preventing the risks of cash gaps
  • Implementation of the “treasury”, “financial and budgetary control”, “credit control”, “control of working with banks” options
  • Development of the specialized informational and methodological materials aimed at increasing the level of efficiency of activities - both for the separate company and for the companies within the Group


  • Budgeting of operating business, taking into account the specifics of the industry and features of the market segment
  • Analysis of current activities and development of a set of measures aimed at improving the effectiveness of the decisions made
  • Actualization of financial models of the projects in accordance with business needs
  • Development and economic feasibility of business development scenarios for the companies
  • Assistance in the formation of an economically sound business strategy and development of strategy for its specific areas
  • Drafting of recommendations on the most effective accounting methods and the current practices that provide economically sound, effective management and planning of income and expenses


  • Development of a complete list of reporting forms required for effective business management, with the possibility of their systematic updating according to the needs
  • Ensuring a logical relationship between analytics and content formats, which makes it possible to justify economic conclusions on the basis of statements
  • Development of recommendations for working with the proposed statements aimed at improving the quality of management decisions made by the head of the company / business owner
  • Development of a system of indicators (KPIs), reflecting the current results of activities in economic terms, as well as providing an opportunity for control at the top level and a sound economic and financial forecast of activities for the mid-term
  • Preparation of reporting documents that present a systematic and complete picture of the performance results for the selected period
  • Comprehensive economic and financial analysis of the causes of deviations of actual indicators from the planned ones, conducted on a regular basis